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Published: 09th November 2011
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Millions of people affected by the economic downturn have a glimmer of hope to take back control of their finances, as well as their time and work-life balance, through business opportunities presented by companies such as Zaken Corp. In today’s capital marketplace, manufacturers and wholesalers are suffering from the economic doldrums as well. These companies are often faced with the difficult and urgent need to unload old stocks and merchandise in order to make way for new orders and product improvements.

Zaken Corp. is in the business of liquidation merchandise, bringing together manufacturers and potential buyers of the former’s moving stocks. Individuals can cash in on this opportunity by helping the company seek these manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors and seal a deal on Zaken’s purchase of the liquidated merchandise. These product locators stand to earn as much as 50 percent of the profits of the resale. These merchandise transactions are most often in bulk, so commission rates such as these are not something to balk about indeed. Being a product locator is a lucrative job that provides individuals with more than ample compensation, allowing them to live the life they’ve always wanted—independent and not time-bound to an office or nine-to-five job.

The more merchandise is bought from liquidating manufacturers, the greater the chance to earn in commissions. After acquiring the items, Zaken Corp. then offers these items to other sellers or discount clubs who have ready buyers for this merchandise. This is another opportunity for individuals to earn from the business cycle of the company. As sales associates, a person can help find buyers for this acquired liquidated merchandise. Similar commission schemes will reward these sales associates. Additionally, individuals can even be accredited resellers themselves—and they stand to receive one hundred percent of profits for these personal efforts.

Zaken Corp. is a trusted and established company in the liquidated merchandise industry, with business relationships that have been established for more than a decade. With this expertise and dominance in the industry, individuals who choose to become partners and associates enjoy an advantage to meet their targets better, and thereby enjoy more rewards and personal satisfaction as well. Zaken Corp. was formed by Mr. Tiran Zaken in 1994, based on his own personal expertise in marketing and sales. He was able to identify this unmet need in the market and focused on it with diligence and commitment, putting to use his own skills in growing the business.

Eventually, Mr. Zaken’s enterprise grew and by 1999 he began recruiting the help of product locators and market resellers to meet the growing demand, implementing valuable training and recruitment processes himself. Today, more innovations and organizational changes are being implemented to meet client needs better and more efficiently; to provide even more rewarding incentives and earning opportunities for partners and associates; and to bring liquidated products to the resale market more quickly and cost-efficiently. Zaken Corp. has indeed grown by leaps and bounds, not just fulfilling the need of big manufacturers and consumer goods companies, but providing valuable livelihood opportunities for thousands of people across the country.

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