Where to Buy a Pink Hard Hat

Published: 31st October 2010
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A pink hard hat is more than just a novelty. It is a useful item for home and work use. OSHA or Occupational Safety Hazard Administration requires workers involved in construction, mining, tree trimming, or just about any job with the potential of having objects fall on them to wear a hard hat. The hard hat prevents any head accidents or injuries from possible falls and impacts.

The hard hats are often sold in white, orange or yellow for visibility reasons. But one can also buy hard hats that come in a range of colors, including the color pink. Pink is a favourite color by many women around the world. Many people think that hard hats are only available in boring, generic colors just as they think that construction is a manís job. Women can still wear their favourite colors even in a male dominated environment like constructions. Indeed, pink hard hats are not that common, but here are a few tips to find yourself a pink hard hat:

* Check your local hardware stores or construction equipment suppliers that may sell pink hard hats. Many hard hat manufacturers are already creating hard hats in the pink color, so you can try your luck in your neighbourhood.

* Scan through the yellow pages for outlets carrying womenís construction equipment around your community. There are more than a few companies around the US, such as Woman Up, Girly Lock and Safety Girl, that offers pink hard hats and other construction tools and equipment for women in blue collar occupations.

* Search the World Wide Web for supplies. Companies manufacturing pink hard hats and other equipment are available. Great web sites to look into are Amazon and eBay.

The pink hard hats are available in many classes, Class E, G and C. Class C is conductive and offers no electric protection. Class G protects up to 2,200 electric volts. The Class E is an electrical hat that can protect 20,000 electric volts. Wearing a pink hard hat certainly has its own benefits. You get to be the center of attention, and it marks you as the rose among the thorns.

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