What You Need to Know About 4 Garage Plans with Porch

Published: 13th April 2011
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Are you thinking of building your garage? What type of garage do you like? Is it meant for 2 cars, 3 cars or more? Would you like an apartment type garage?

In building a garage why not add a porch to it? Therefore in building storage to your garage you will need a garage plan with porch. A porch is a structure that is attached to your house or garage that will make it look more attractive. Sometimes these porches are even called verandas.

Porches have many purposes. It can serve as an extension of the room or any part of the house. It also is a place for relaxation. And sometimes it provides shade and protection from the sun.

Adding porches to your garage will add beauty to the garage. Porches may come in many shape and sizes. Whether you want your porch to serve its purpose of giving you shade or whether to accommodate visitors adding a porch to your garage will lessen you the burden of having to carry grocery items.

There are a lot of styles to choose from. Garage plans with porch are what people are looking for these days. Garages, as it was said serve two purposes. One is for storage of your vehicles and the other one is to serve as your home. So if this is your home of course you want to make it beautiful. You want to add some enhancements to your home. Just like a porch and other amenities.

Of course the success of beautiful porches is to have a good plan. A garage plan with porch is good as an office space for you. Most garage plans of this kind have complete amenities. It has a playroom, 2 bedrooms and even a bathroom. Add to it the space it uses to store your cars. Whether you own 2 cars or 3 cars.

One example is garage apartment plan 58569. This garage is meant for a 3 car garage with a porch. Its plan includes two bedrooms, 1 ˝ baths, kitchen and a dining area. This kind of plan is so popular today.

Adding a porch to any garage will give you enough space to unload your groceries or put luggage’s in the car whenever you are planning a trip. Here are some of the things you should do in order to convert or add a porch to your garage.

Measure the place where you would build your porch. If possible build near the entry of the door. Get a permit and mark the space where you can build.

In building, use 2 x 4 decks to build the floor. Remove boards and other attachments in order to attach the roofs.

Your choice or style on how you make garages with porches depends on you. Sometimes there are some constructions that you think is just a simple porch never realizing that it was a garage after all. This kind of garages are unique and one of a kind.

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