What Are the Health Risks Associated With Waist Training?

Published: 21st April 2011
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Waist training has started to become increasingly popular as a way to get an hourglass figure. The process of waist training starts by wearing a waist cincher or other body shapers for women for several hours a day for a prolonged period of time; when you wear these bodyslimmers your body assumes the desired shape. Normally, once you take off the body shaper your body returns to normal. With waist training, however, the changes eventually become permanent as your body adjusts to its new shape. The tight cincher around your waist also constricts your digestive system, reducing appetite and helping promote weight loss to speed up the waist training process.

However, waist training can be dangerous if done incorrectly. The process of body shaping takes time and it cannot be rushed as if it were a crash diet. Patience is very important in waist training since it may take weeks or months before you achieve your desired shape. The health risks associated with waist training include difficulty in breathing, displacement of internal organs and fracturing of the ribs if the body shaper is worn too tightly. In addition, women who wear their corsets incorrectly risk developing poor posture, particularly when the corset is taken off.

To perform waist training correctly, you have to first choose the right corset. The corset has to be at least 3 to 4 inches smaller than your normal waistline and 5 to 6 inches less if your waist measurement is 36 inches or more. Break in the corset first before starting waist training to ensure the garment does not split or crack after prolonged use. Start by wearing the corset for four to five hours a day until your body gets acclimated to it, and then gradually build up to wearing it for at least twelve hours a day. Do not wear it while sleeping, exercising or eating.

In order to avoid chafing of the skin, you might want to wear a cotton undershirt underneath the corset. When you take off the corset, make sure the area is thoroughly cleaned as sweat has no way of evaporating there, and then apply moisturizer to ensure the skin does not dry out and become rough. To get the best results, start a regular exercise and diet program to lose excess weight and tone your body. Finally, keep in mind that it may take as long as a year to achieve the result that you want, but with persistence you will eventually develop that hourglass figure.

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