Wedding Speeches for the Best Man

Published: 12th March 2012
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If one is asked by somebody to be the best man for a wedding, most likely he is the best friend, the brother or someone closely related to the bride or the groom.

It is but a tradition for the best man to give a speech for the newlyweds at the reception following the ceremony. With all the memories shared with either or both the newlyweds, the speech should be a breeze.

However, there are a lot of stories about the best man having cold feet and even stuttering during speech, with cold sweat lingering on his forehead.

The purpose of making a toast for the newlyweds is to honor them on their special day. Majority of the men who are requested to make a speech for the newlyweds want their speech to be smart, witty, sentimental and inspirational. However, as many of them do not have a background in writing, they have a hard time writing a very memorable speech.

This is the reason why Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels created, a website filled with best man speeches example that serves an aid during so that one will enjoy writing a speech. Dan Stevens and Sally Samuels understand that many have difficulty in writing a speech. That though many have the desire to improve their writing through workshops and seminars, they do not have the luxury of time to attend them.

At just $19.95, you will be able to access the twenty professionally written best man speeches example that you can copy and paste to mold your own speech. There are also over 100 samples of traditional and contemporary Toasts which can be used for various special occasions.

One of the ways to grab the attention of your audience is by making witty comments, one liners or jokes. By subscribing to, aside from the twenty best man speeches example, you will also be able to access samples of witty remarks plus tips on timing and setting the mood to deliver your speech.

With, your speech will transform from a stutter-studded remark to this:

Firstly, I want to thank Andrew, for his thoughtful words and, to our beautiful bride, Rose, who is radiant on this special day.

I am Randy, Andrew's best friend, usually a partner in crime, and today, his Best Man.

I am given this opportunity to speak about Andrew and Rose. Hopefully they will not banish me after I speak.

Andrew and I met 15 years ago. He and I rapidly became close due to the fact that we always see each other in the Detention Room of our school, both always guilty of hyperactivity in our classes. I guess this is to the horror of both our parents. It is already a headache to have a hyper son, what more if his best friend is also the same.

Traditionally, when the Best Man is asked to make a toast for the newlyweds, it is his opportunity to roast the Groom. Unfortunately the courier had difficulty carrying all the boxes of typewritten notes I prepared months ago just for this occasion, so I have no choice but to make do with my impromptu speech.

As Andrew's best friend, I was able to witness the many firsts in his life: his first three points in basketball, his first bottle of beer, his first ear piercing, his first love, even his first heartbreak.

Actually, I witnessed all the heartbreaks that Andrew endured. Well, the man is brave as he kept on searching and fighting for love.

I believe Andrew fought well, for Rose, like a tailored glove, fits Andrew very well. I have never seen Andrew as happy as he is today.

For this, I want to make a toast to the most beautiful couple I have ever seen.

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