Use of Brochures in Beauty Salon Marketing Strategies You can Use

Published: 26th October 2010
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There are currently numerous beauty salon marketing strategies you can adapt when you are trying to increase your sales and find more customers. Despite different advancements in the marketing field, brochures still continue to become one of the most popular strategies to adapt. Unfortunately, though it is probably one of the most utilized tool that have been used in campaigns, many people still manage to make incorrect decisions when it comes to planning. If you want to use it successfully, you should be able to formulate the right ways to handle this marketing aspect.

One of the most puzzling issues people argue on is the information you have to provide on your brochure. Some owners donít know if they should include or exclude prices in their materials. The choice would ultimately be up to your availability. Prices are good if you want to give comprehensive information to your potential customers right away, but you are also opening yourself to the chance of losing other people because they may be a price shopper at heart and they only want to choose the cheapest prices. In this case, you should make sure that you can be able to interact with them so you can be able to influence their choices.

How exactly should you carry this out? Since potential customers may only have picked up your brochures and walk out the door, you should put enticing information on your material. Do not provide the prices of each service so that they will not be able to dismiss you instantly. Provide your contact details so they would rather talk and ask you all the information they might need. Aside from telephone numbers, you may also provide online customer service with the help of live chat and email support.

Some shop owners are afraid of using brochures in their beauty salon marketing efforts because they are afraid of the production cost and the expenses they will have to take in order to disseminate them. A good way to be able to do it for free is to adopt a charity and let them disseminate it for you. Pledge an amount of your income and they will be willing to help you make your salon grow.

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