Tying, knotting, and looping: The twists and turns of Men's scarves

Published: 19th December 2011
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Star athletes David Beckham Tom Brady, singer Usher, rapper Jay-Z, and actors Johnny Depp and Jude Law are just some of the biggest names in Hollywood who have been seen sporting this old article of clothing which is currently garnering newfound attention and is becoming the most essential accessory in a man's wardrobe: The scarf.

Unlike other accessories for men such as belts, ties, caps, and hats, fashionable scarves have hitherto been identified only to women until recently, when an influx of males who donned scarves of varying patterns, designs, and colors have sprouted, turning what was initially a mere windbreaker for men into an unconventional canvas of sorts where one can show a bit of himself.

And beyond the appearance of a scarf, another means of sprucing up an outfit through the use of a scarf is the way that they are tied, knotted, or wrapped around the wearer's neck. Before the recent resurgence of attention to men's scarves, the only way for men to wear them is for it to hang on their necks.

Some opted to use a simple knot to wrap it around their necks, but their only reason for doing this is so that the scarf would not fall from their coats. Now, men are using not only the scarf as a means of injecting creativity in their outfits, but also the way it is tied around their necks, and there are many ways in which this could be done, from simple knots to those which are complex and require practice.

Of course, the traditional way of tying one's scarf is still worthy of mention simply because this is where most of the other ways of tying scarves tarce their roots. It simply involves placing the scarf around one's neck without knotting or tying it, although this hardly provides visual interest.

The most basic way of tying a scarf for males is the classic flip, which is not even a means of tying and involves only the wrapping around of the scarf across the neck and letting the other end flip loose, hence its name. This way of tying a scarf is done by most males, but some of the more complex ways of tying scarves involves the classic flip, which is why it is essential to know.

The second way of tying up men's scarves is called the Parisian Knot, and this can still be classified as one of the simpler and basic ways to tie up a scarf. It involves folding the scarf length-wise, and then letting it drape, before inserting the other end at the loop, thus creating the knot.

And finally, a more complex manner of tying a scarf would be the technique called the modern knot. Its distinction among the types of tying scarves is that it uses the back of the scarf rather than its front, which is the more conventional use of the scarf. One simply has to make a small knot which will bind both loose ends of the scarf, and the the wearer would just turn the scarf so that the knot is seen at the back. This will surely provide warmth to the wearer's neck while also adding flair to his outfit.

There are many other variations of tying scarves, but they more or less involve the aforementioned basics and fundamentals of tying scarves. The use of men's scarves as accessories do not only go as far as their color and design, but also for the way they are placed around the neck of the wearer, and, as proven by the above-mentioned examples, there are many ways of doing it.

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