The Truth About Self-Publishing Companies

Published: 11th March 2011
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Competition in the publishing business is notably tight. Many struggling new writers and experienced authors are either racing for a spot in the bookstore shelf or winning recognition in prominent critic circles. For these ladies and gentlemen, getting published satisfies their hunger for good reputation in the trade and guarantees them huge profit..

A lot of authors perceive that gaining the publisher’s trust despite all the challenges met ensures them a place in history, while some consider a different and more practical approach. Self-publishing is the common refuge of smarter authors who not only views publishing as an art but also a promising business venture. Given that the veteran and amateur writers are allowed full control over their piece – layout and design, concept, and the whole shebang, self-publishing proves to be more liberating than the traditional publishing. It is true that it absolves authors of the legwork and unnecessary responsibilities but traditional publishing offers very limited exposure and earning opportunity. Authors are expected earn just a little percentage of their supposed total earnings under this term.

It is a fact that many authors are afraid to take a big leap in the self-publishing industry. The reason is that they are afraid to cover everything especially the expenses. Too, they view self-publishing as tedious and stressful. Why would they exert so much effort into it when somebody can do it for them? Traditional publishing proposes convenience for writers, yes, but, as a writer, do you know that the notions presented against self-publishing are almost contrary if not mere myths?

This does not try to convince authors to switch from their current publishing label to or begin with self publishing method. The following presents that advantages and disadvantages for you to know the truth about self-publishing companies. This way, you can decide on which to take your chance. Just the same, your choice will be worth the risk.

*Self-publishing does not operate on long wait and tedious negotiations. Your endeavors will be paid sooner than with traditional publishing as there are several factors involved.

*Self publishing, contrary to what authors fear, can be cheaper. Depending on your chosen method, it may sometimes come as free. For example, some authors rely on e-book publishing and the end product is circulated around the internet. The use of e-books as self-publishing method is the most convenient way to work – no transportation hassle, stressful compromises, no restriction on design concepts. Everything will be under your control.

*Authors who decide to self-publish may also seek the help of self-publishing companies. There are a lot out there who are willing to back independent authors but some misconceptions hinder an author’s potential. The truth about self publishing companies is that they do not meddle beyond the authors’ preferences. Still, authors get to enjoy the management of how their book should look and how marketing of their product should go. Of course, every author must consider their product’s ability to compete in the market in terms of quality and cost. Self publishing companies serve only as back-up in case a writers needs editing or proofing assistance (for a price) while the authors remain the leverage.

Sometimes, the cost of learning is too high that you would not want to repeat the process. Testimonials from those who have been there should serve as your warning to take extra care in choosing your path publishing-wise. There are only two options – the traditional publishing or self-publishing. These two both pose advantages and disadvantages and your choice depends on your needs and taste. If you think that your chances of thriving in the book trade will be more affable with traditional publishing than the latter, you are free to pick. Keep in mind though that business is business and settling for the more promising alternative is a smart move. Getting published often is not just about becoming known and earning, sometimes it’s about spending. Self-publishing would allow you to face the real challenges.

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