The most versatile accessory: Men's Scarves

Published: 19th December 2011
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Whether they are polos, leather jackets, or even mere plain t-shirts, there is one versatile accessory that can make these aforementioned clothes more complete and more visually interesting, and this is the scarf. Scarves for males will not only provide their necks with warmth and keep them from catching unwanted chills, but it can also be a means of adding personal style to an outfit and expressing one's self.

However, men's scarves, like that of women, come in many different shapes, styles, and designs. Moreover, each of the male scarves that are out there is made out of different materials which provide either comfort or discomfort, depending on the preference of the wearer. Some of these materials have properties which make them heavy and expensive, while others are made of cheaper materials and are thus lighter.

The first and perhaps the most common material that is used in the creation of scarves for men is polyester and acrylic. This material is light, cheap, and, naturally, is slightly of lower quality than other materials used in making scarves. An advantage of this, however, is that it can easily be laundered or machine-washed, making it easier for the scarf to be regularly cleaned after each use. And, given the affordability of the material, it also comes in many colors and can be bought for discounted prices. If one prefers the proverbial quantity over quality, then this material would be able to provide just that.

Cotton is another cheap and lightweight material from which lots of scarves can be made. Another characteristic which this material has in common with polyester and acrylic is that it can also be machine-washed and can easily be cleaned. And because of its lightness, cotton scarves can even be utilized as accessories even when there is no winter, although it would be a non-functional accessory in that case and will only be used for the sake of fashion.

One of the heavier materials which are used in the creation of scarves is wool blend and, unlike cotton scarves which can still be used even during the warmer months of the year, wool blend scarves will be hard to use during warm months because of its heavier material compared to the first two types of scarves. This type of scarf, however, is one of the most efficient, as it can keep its wearer warm during winter, even if it is wet.

However, precautions also have to be taken whenever one chooses to wear a wool blend scarf, as direct skin contact with this type of scarf may cause itching. Some of its wearers instead opt to don a collared shirt first to avoid the direct skin contact. Another con of donning a wool blend scarf is that unlike polyester and cotton, it cannot be machine-washed and needs to be cleaned through dry-cleaning.

And finally, the most expensive material that is used for men's scarves is cashmere. Its properties are very similar to that of the wool blend scarf, but it has an advantage because it will not cause itches upon direct contact with the wearer's skin, and does not look as rugged as wool, thus making it a good accessory for men.

There are indeed many types of men's scarves out there in the market, and each of the materials that compose these different types of scarves have their advantages and disadvantages. Some may be more expensive than the others, but what is important is that more than being an accessory a scarf should be able to do its primary function, and that is to protect its wearer from the cold.

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