Ten Beautiful Women With an Hourglass Figure

Published: 21st April 2011
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Waist training can help you get an hourglass figure like the one that many of Hollywood's most glamorous women flaunt on the red carpet. There are a wide variety of bodyslimmers and body shapers for women, such as waist cinchers that you can choose from. If you need inspiration to persist with that lengthy and difficult waist training routine, here are ten beautiful women who have an hourglass figure:

1. Scarlett Johansson is a young actress who is not shy about showing off her curves in cleavage-baring dresses on the red carpet. Most recently, she showed off her hourglass figure to good effect as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2.

2. Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has been praised as being a throwback to the days of classic Hollywood glamour. She first attracted the attention of audiences in The Mask of Zorro and won an Oscar for displaying not only her hourglass figure but also her singing and dancing skills in Chicago.

3. Jennifer Love Hewitt has become as well-known for her sexy figure as for her many movie and TV roles. She recently starred in the hit TV series The Ghost Whisperer and has also branched out to writing and producing.

4. Salma Hayek honed her acting skills in her native Mexico as an actress in telenovelas before she moved to the US to try her luck. She has since been nominated for an Oscar for her work in Frida.

5. Kirsten Dunst started her career as a child actress before becoming popular as Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-Man films. She has also appeared in films like Marie Antoinette and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

6. Charlize Theron was born in South Africa and at sixteen, traveled to Milan and then New York to become a model and then train as a dancer. She eventually shifted to acting after a knee injury ended her dance prospects and eventually won the Oscar in 2004 for Monster.

7. Kate Winslet was ranked as having the most desirable celebrity body in a 2009 poll conducted in the UK, easily beating stick-thin celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss. Winslet has been nominated for the Oscar six times and won as Best Actress for The Reader in 2008.

8. Halle Berry has had a rich and diverse career, starting out as a beauty queen and fashion model before shifting to acting. She won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2001 for Monster's Ball, becoming the first African-American actress to win the award.

9. Marilyn Monroe has become the perfect representation of the hourglass figure for millions of movie fans all over the world. She remains one of the most recognizable and iconic celebrities nearly fifty years after her death.

10. Sophia Loren has also come to epitomize the hourglass figure since her breakthrough role in The Millionaires in 1960. Today, at 76, she still possesses much of the physical charms that made her an international star.

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