Tandem Garage Plans: What They Can Do for You

Published: 13th April 2011
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Garage plans have become increasingly important over the last few years. People have now realized why its crucial to protect their vehicles properties they can resell in case the worst comes from the elements that threaten to lower their value. One effective means of achieving this is by adopting a garage plan. There are in fact different kinds of garage plans: attached, detached, prefabricated, post frame, and a whole lot more. In this article, the spotlight shall fall on tandem garage plans, some of the most requested garage plans today.

A garage is a place where an assortment of things can be stored. Exercise equipment, gardening tools, seasonal dcor, and workshop paraphernalia are just some of the things one can expect to find in a garage aside from cars, of course. But what if your house is built on a relatively smaller lot? Does this mean you have to give up the usual purposes of a garage and simply use it for storing your vehicle? Fortunately, thanks to new technologies in the housing industry these days, you dont. This is where a tandem garage plan enters the picture.

By opting for tandem garage plans, you can use the space allotted for storage purposes to the fullest. You wont have to do what those who dont know any better are forced to do: settle. You wont have to feel shortchanged at all. With a tandem garage plan, you can utilize however minute an area you have for a garage. This breakthrough solution allows homeowners with a smaller lot to create a garage that is functional, organized and just right. With this type of garage plan, what happens is that you can park one vehicle in front of or behind another. This also creates symmetry, if you think about it, allowing you to create structure and order.

A tandem garage plan is more economical compared to other garage plans. This is because you wont need to invest much in construction. A simple garage that can accommodate two cars without going beyond the intended budget would suffice. (If you have three or four cars, you could opt for a double garage.) If you have the money for it, accessories like a loft or sunroof may be considered. Otherwise, you can expect satisfaction from a garage that does what its built for without making things feel cramped and excessive.

But while tandem garage plans are amazing, theyre not for everyone. As mentioned, they are primarily geared towards houses built on smaller lots. If you think you have a much bigger space in your hands, then perhaps you should check out other garage plans. There are plenty of them and you can easily find them online, so you shouldnt waste any time and start browsing through your options right away. A tandem garage plan may prove perfect for some homeowners yet completely a waste of effort for others. Its best to weigh in your options carefully in order to get the effect you so desire.

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