Scrapbooking: The Must-Have Tools in Making Scrapbooks

Published: 04th August 2011
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Thereís no question that scrapbooking is a marvelous way to share cherished memories in life and also tell stories to the future generation. Some decades ago, there werenít much of a choice when it came to engaging in this hobby. Thankfully though, there are now limitless options when it comes to making scrapbooks. Ideas and supplies just abound everywhere.

If you have never tried creating a scrapbook before and you wish to give it a try soon, there are some important tools and supplies you need to have. Apart from the photos you intend to preserve, you should have the following:


The album is more like your canvass. Itís a blank tablet waiting for the product of your creativity. There are different album sizes as well as colors and themes. Most of them are expandable so you can always add more pages when the need arises. When choosing an album, pick the size which you think youíd be most comfortable working on. Also, make sure that it has page protectors so your photos will be safe and free from fingerprints or other smudges.


Typically, you can either choose between cardstock or decorative paper to make each page of your scrapbook more interesting. As they also come in variety, you can pick colors and patterns that will fit your idea more. You can create shapes or photo mats out of them and make your album a lot more pleasant to the eyes.


There are various kinds of adhesive for scrapbooking and they have their own functions. The square tabs are probably the easiest to use because you will only have to attach them to the back corners of the papers and photos and then adhere them to a page. Meanwhile adhesives which have foam can add dimension as they raise the photos off the page. Other adhesives available are liquid pens, spray, glue sticks, and double-sided tapes.

Cutting Tools

Cutting tools are a must when creating scrapbooks. They cut papers, photos, photo mats, tapes, ribbons, and everything else you have to include in your memory album. Of course, just like other tools, cutting equipment also differ depending on their uses. Some of the most common pieces used for scrapbook projects are desktop trimmer, large shears, micro-tip scissors, craft knife, and shape cutters.

Writing Tools

Of course, no scrapbook will ever be complete without the writing on each page. It just completes the whole story. Pencils and pens are what you will use to journal all the precious memories alongside the photos. There is a wide array of selection when it comes to ball point sizes and colors. However, if you only want to use just one, make sure that itís dark and has a fine point.


Finally, great scrapbooking ideas can only turn into reality through the use of embellishments. Stickers, buttons, glitter, stamps, ribbons, and paints are just some of the must-have add-ons you canít afford to take for granted. They can make your memory album a lot more special and unique.

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