Pack Wisely: 8 Secrets to Packing For Your Cruise

Published: 08th June 2012
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Packing for a travel has always been stressful. Some many things to pack yet the airline/cruise ship only allows a certain maximum weight. We’ve narrowed down 8 tips for you to remember when packing for a cruise.

Tip 1: Pack hand carry with essentials

When packing for a cruise, pack your hand carry bags with essentials such as few spare clothes, medications and toiletries. In the event that your luggage may get lost or delayed, you still have your hand carry packed with essentials.

Tip 2: Do laundry onboard

Pack clothes that you know that you will really wear. Don’t bring a pair of jeans you don’t even wear on regular days because surely you won’t bother wearing it while on board.

Also consider to do your laundry onboard. Don’t be shy to do laundry onboard, not only does it save space in you lugagge it can also save money on airport charge. Some cruise lines provide laundry service but at times it is usually expensive. Pack with you travel detergent to save on laundry costs.

Tip 3: Pack your favorite toiletries

Toiletries are always available onboard but these are usually limited. Pack your favorite toiletries with you in sachets and small bottles. Also remember to bring bathrobes, these are usually provided but it is better to pack one just to be sure.

Tip 4: Dress appropriately

Some places require formal wear while others only call for casual ones. When traveling to Europe and Bermuda pack resort-casual wear. Resort casual wear would be something that you know is comfortable but presentable at the same time. While on the other hand, when traveling to Hawaii, Caribeean and French Polynesia pack really casual clothes like tank tops and board shorts. Also remember to pack appropriate and comfortable shoes, don’t forget to pack flip flops and rubber shoes depending on your itinerary. It is also important to know/research on the locations indicated on your intinerary. Research on the climate, the culture, on how they dress to know what to pack.

Tip 5: Save room for souvenirs in your suitcase

It is highly impossible for you not to buy souvenirs. This is usually part of the cruise and at times the ship itself also has souvenir shops. Consider bringing an extra bag to pack anything that you buy or get during the cruise.

Tip 6: Pack the basics

When packing for a cruise, remember to pack your basics. The basics include chargers, medications, hangers, plastic bags, sun screens. Some of these ‘basics’ are available onboard but are usually extremely expensive. Save money by remembering to pack these.

Tip 7: Learn how to mix and match

Mix and match clothes especially when you’re traveling light. When packing for a cruise, it would be wise to pack plain and ‘not memorable’ clothes with you, so in the case you repeat wearing them nobody would notice. . Also pack dull and non-striking bottoms, usually a pair of jeans will do, so you can reuse these a lot of times. Also bring different accessories, this will jazz up and make outfits look different. Be creative in mix-and-matching you’re clothes. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Tip 8: Keep important documents in one bag

Always make sure that you keep your important documents- ID, passport etc- in one bag with you. Never put these in the luggage. Also keep other important documents –visa, immunizations, birth certificate- in hand just in case. When packing for a cruise, it is a must to always remember to pack and keep these important documents close to you.

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