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Published: 17th May 2011
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Stalking is a technique in NLP training that is used to "calibrate" or bring your client back just when he is about to get into a non-useful state which usually happens when exhaustion sets in but it is still too early to fix the problem. It is a fascinating NLP training courses technique that teaches him to be receptive to signals when he is subconsciously about to shift behaviors.

In NLP courses, stress is given on having your client build a strong sanctuary state and make him realize that he needs to maintain and improve it.

The stalking technique is detailed below:

1. Ask your client to identify a specific behavior that he wants to change. It must be something that happens too quickly or too slowly without him noticing it until it is too late. This behavior usually manifests itself while he is too engrossed or too busy to notice.

2. Make your client imagine a sanctuary where he can retreat to at any time during the exercise. This mental state must be very relaxing for him where he feels safe and protected. Ask him to create a bubble around this sanctuary and remember the location so you can help him return to it at anytime necessary.

3. Make him imagine seeing himself from across the room, participating in this activity. Make him place the image at a distance far enough to make him comfortable. Now, guide him and ask him to slowly approach the behavior. Walk slowly until he starts to feel an uncomfortable response. As soon as he starts to feel it, make him retreat to his sanctuary. Immediately.

4. When he is ready, ask him to come out of the safe haven and lead him again to the behavior. Continue the forward advance, even at a very slow pace. Use the sanctuary every time he needs to. Repeat this process until he is able to stand very close to the behavior without retreating to his sanctuary state.

5. Finally, you can have your client describe the problem behavior in detail. Let him say and identify all the things he can do to change it. This is a great method to let your client realize how to solve his behavior problems by himself. You are just there to guide him and to let him realize the things that he needs to change to have a more positive behavior.

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