Network Marketing: Awareness Corp Review

Published: 20th May 2011
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There are so many health products that are available in the market. Because there so many of them, you donít know which ones really work or the ones that arenít that trust-worthy. So, you have to look for products that are legit and companies that you know give their customers quality products. Awareness Corporation is a company that would want to improve the health of the people in the world. With their products, they believe that they can make the people healthier so they can live life happily.

Their products are natural so it makes it healthier for the people to use.

This is a network marketing company whose products focuses on healthy living. Awareness Corporation was created in 1994 by Marc Tahilliani ND. He wanted to share to other people his view on health and how Mediterranean products have improved his health. He started it in Canada and after a few years, branched out to the US.

Their products have been tested by experts and used by many customers. Doctors and people in the medical filed have recommended their products because of its usefulness. They are made out of natural Mediterranean herbs and blends that help the people maintain a healthy body. Their products are the following:

* Pure Trim Shakes

* Synergy Defense

* Daily Complete

* Experience

* Pure Gardens Skin Cream

* Female Balance

* Harmony

* Clear

Anyone can be a company team member or a distributor as long as you are of a legal age in your city and you have the talent and the drive to sell these types of products to the people. You have to believe in these products as well so you can sell it properly. Also, recruitment for new distributors is one of the responsibilities of a member.

For product orders, it could be made online, through a telephone order or by mail. When the members have successfully sold a product to someone, they will be receiving commission from Awareness Corporation. When they have recruited a new member, they will also receive money from the company. This company work like other network marketing company. If you sell more, then you will have more commission. The more people you recruit, the bigger money you can get. If you think you can sell these products to a lot of people then this company will be willing to give you the commission that you deserve.

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