Men's Scarves: Throwing caution into the wind before purchasing

Published: 19th December 2011
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Unlike women, men do not have a lot of accessories with which to play with and help accentuate their outfits. But thanks to the arrival of men's scarves, they are provided an instant way to add color and interest to their outfits. Not only do scarves add a much-needed layer of warmth especially for protection against the snowy and cold waning months of the year, but they also add charm and appeal to whoever is donning them.

Since the arrival of varying styles, shapes, designs, and colors for male scarves, men have seen themselves troop to the nearest department stores, boutiques and online stores to buy the scarves of their choice without even taking into consideration other factors, such as the compatibility of their chosen scarf with their outfit or the rest of their wardrobe.

More than anything the practicality of a particular scarf and its compatibility to the wearer is the first and most basic thing that should be considered when buying scarves because it is something that the wearer is paying for more than anything. He may have a scarf that is a feast for the eyes for its intricate design, but what if it does not fit him? Taking careful considerations before purchasing scarves for men will be able to avoid these unwanted scenarios.

As mentioned earlier, a beautiful scarf that is visually appealing, when paired with the wrong outfit, will just look wrong, in the same way that something positive and something negative, even when combined, will result into something negative. So it is important that the color of the scarf matches with the outfit, and sometimes a good basis for choosing the right scarf for men will be the profession of the man himself since he will most likely be wearing the scarf when he goes to work. Businessmen, for instance opt for lighter colors, such as beige and tan, which go well with their business suits. A person whose work is more related to fashion, meanwhile, may choose a flamboyant scarf with an attractive color, such as orange or purple, which would suit him and the nature of his work more.

For people who are just starting to stock up on their collection of men' scarves, a good strategy would be to first invest in what is touted as "timeless pieces," which, in this case, means scarves that will not go outdated and will always look fashionable in any ensemble, foremost of which are scarves with neutral colors such as white, gray and black. A good material for a scarf to start with would be cashmere as it can provide warmth and is also a good accessory in terms of its visual appeal.

And finally, another pointer which should be noted before buying scarves is the length of the scarf that will be bought. The rule when buying scarves is always "the longer, the better," since a longer scarf will allow the wearer to be able to wrap, loop, or drape it around his neck more properly than a scarf that is lacking in terms of length, which would give the wearer less room for creativity.

Of the few men's accessories out there, men's scarves are truly unique in the sense that they can immediately improve an outfit or an ensemble while also providing warmth to its wearer. However, when buying scarves, factors such as its length relative to its wearer, its color, and the material used should be considered to avoid shelling hard-earned money for a scarf which is not the perfect fit for the wearer.

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