I Want to Save My Marriage - Top Causes of Divorce

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Published: 22nd October 2012
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Your marriage is in jeopardy and you want to do all you can to save your marriage. In order to understand how your relationship has come to this point, we need to review how you got here in the first place. In an endeavor to help you save your marriage, we will first look at the most common causes of divorce.

Oftentimes throughout married life, our priorities change. A marriage consists of two distinct individuals with their own set of values. While in the beginning these values were integral in bringing you together, values and priorities change given certain conditions. For instance, you've had your first child. Priority is now shifted to raising your baby and providing care and guidance for at least the next eighteen years. Too often, the shift in priorities is realized by one parent but not the other. Your life has been altered by the birth of your child. An unparalleled shift in priorities often leads to anger and resentment between the two adults. Difference of opinion in child rearing or an uneven sharing in the duties involved is one of the major causes for divorce.

Boredom is another factor contributing to divorce. Remember when all you experienced together was new and exciting? What happened? Couples become comfortable with each other, busy with routine and eventually are susceptible to complacency. Just as you will put down a book you find boring, many couples today find the only recourse for marital boredom is divorce, or worse - infidelity. That leads us to yet another reason couples choose divorce over remedy.

Infidelity is not only a violation of your marriage vows, but a violation of trust and what holds the marriage as sacred, setting it apart from other relationships. Too often, if infidelity has occurred in your marriage, no matter how many times you plea "I want to save my marriage", there just is no turning back. Trust in a relationship is tantamount. Once that trust is broken, many see no resolution. Intimacy within your relationship becomes spattered with doubt and mistrust. Too often, once infidelity has occurred, no matter how hard you try to forgive and forget, it just doesn't happen. Infidelity is actually the number one cause of divorce. I'm sure that comes as no surprise!

Another leading cause of divorce - and this is probably the most founded reason, is abuse. Whether physical, emotional or psychological, abuse is abuse. If your calls are being monitored, your computer history being checked, made to feel ugly or inadequate, told how to dress or wear your hair, these are all forms of abuse. Aside from the more obvious, physical violation in any way, shape or form, abuse occurs more often than you may be aware.

We have merely scratched the surface revealing the top reasons for divorce. Marriage is an agreement by which you both agreed to share life. It is hard work for the simple fact that you are two separate individuals conjoining to create a life together. In the event your relationship becomes broken or you have lost sight of the common goal, tell yourself, "I want to save my marriage" and do whatever it takes to recognize any of the above factors impinging on your union and do what it takes. Please don't give up until you have recognized the infiltrators of your marriage. Love is precious. It is in your power to keep it alive and thriving!

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