How To Lose Water Weight Overnight

Published: 05th May 2011
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Looking for ways on how to lose water weight overnight can be really tricky. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. One day workout sounds really unlikely for a person to enjoy a slimmer look after binging. Whatever is driving you mad about losing the water weight you gained for enjoying too much food and forgetting about your goal to stay slim and healthy, it should not be guilt. This will cause a major emotional setback and could possible y slow you down. Set your mind to a positive mode before you start to get the best results. And no matter how impossible it may seem given only twenty-four hours to get your shape back to normal or at least to a figure which you can fit in your attire, you must at least try the most realistic contingency plan. This calls for serious discipline and heavy workout.

Drinking more than eight glasses of water would help a lot and make a difference. However, plain water will seem ineffective. Taking fluids that are absorbed by the body faster is more preferred.

Take green tea. This healthy drink is known to excrete excess water and bodily wastes too. Drinking once in the morning and once before you sleep will do the job overnight. You will know it worked when you feel the need to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. It has been known as an efficient anti-oxidant and metabolism boosting drink.

If you want to lose water weight overnight, you need to do some serious cardio-vascular exercises. Sweating it all out would definitely scrape off water retention. Avoid prolonged standing still as this will cause more water retention. Keep your body active. Do a few lapses or go biking to shed water continuously.

Diuretic pills are advisable for people who constantly complain about water weight gain. This is so because diuretics help purge excess water and salt from the body. This should not be taken without asking the pharmacist though. Not because it is purchasable even without the doctor’s prescription means it is safe. Ask what type of drugs it counteracts with and the side effects.

Avoid cereals, bread, pasta where huge amount of carbohydrates are found will only aggravate your water weight. If you want to feel a difference the next day, stay away from these food stuff which turn to glycogen. One gram of glycogen is equals to 2.4 grams of water weight. Vegetables, salad or eggs will do for the meantime.

These methods do not promise any speedy results but trying them will help you know if they really work. As the cliché goes, there is no harm in trying especially if you are trying to lose water weight overnight. Just remember that being responsible and discipline will help you achieve your objective for the day. It will take you a lot of patience and you may get frustrated even but wait until you wake up tp a lighter feeling the next day to know that your time and effort are worthy.

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