How to attract the love of your life

Published: 03rd November 2010
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What is the main reason of your existence? At your age, do you think your life has been worth living? What do you really need and want most in your life; a great career, a nice car or a big house? What about love?

"A woman is always behind every manís success", as how the saying goes. Truthfully, we co-exist to make each otherís life worth living. Fortunate are those who have already found their only one. Can you consider yourself one of them? If you havenít then here are some tips on how to attract the love of your life:

1. Be healthy. Are you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually ready for what life may bring you?

2. Be open to it. If you want to find your one true love then you must be open to the fact that he or she could be the one right next to you in the train, could be the one holding that list in the grocery, could be the woman reading that book in the cafť or that man in the phone booth.

3. Expect the unexpected. Love comes at the most unexpected time, person and situation.

4. Be prepared. Work hard and save for your future. Invest in a house your future wife would want to make a home. Learn dishes your future husband might like. Think of baby names you would want your kids to have.

5. Be committed. When all else fails, can that person depend and count on you? Can he or she be confident that you are by his or her side no matter what happens?

6. Be the best person for him or her. You could be her world and you could be his queen, he or she will look upon you and the best that you could do is not to let him or her down.

Just think of what you want in a future partner and expect that he or she will want the same from you too. Attracting the love of your life is not really impossible; you just have to believe that somewhere somehow he or she is looking and waiting for you too it just that sometimes it really takes time.

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