Harmonize Your Toile Curtains With Your Living Room Furniture

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Published: 05th January 2011
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Ever wondered what a toile is and what it does? All you need is a crash course and you'll have the perfect idea on how your living room should be made to live up to your expectations.

Toile receives its name from the French term for cloth, "Toile du Jouy". It goes way back in the 17th century, during its very first mass production in France. It was to counter India's block print outlines that made waves in Europe at that time. These French fabrics were at first block printed by hand with patterns inspired by the French scenic countryside. Today, Toile Curtains features decorating patterns with clear white backgrounds which presents repeated patterns portraying scenes with varying degrees of complexity. These curtains are beautiful to gaze at and will fit any with toile-themed living room.

There are different varieties of modern toile curtains to choose from. The French country toile series a collection that comprises the customary Toile du Jouy designs. It displays the scenic French country and personalities during the 18th and 19th centuries. It also includes mythological and pastoral settings. Children-inspired toile prints the classic pattern, children scenes, and animal prints which include nursery animals like cats, horses, rabbits, etc. The floral toile patterns are perfectly suitable for draperies and display an assortment of floral designs and lovely colors. There are also assorted Asian scenes, designs and styles that belonged to another kind, the Oriental toile.

There will always be challenges in making these curtains and your living room furniture work together to give color and life to your living room. First, plan the space by mapping out the intended position of the drapes with that of the furniture and other accents to fashion out that perfect look that conveys your style. Here are some helpful tips to guide you through.

Tip 1. Coordinate the colors. The basic rule is to have your furniture and curtains complement same colors to symbolize harmony. Your curtain's pattern must be synchronized with that of your sofa and other furniture. You also have the option of reupholstering your furniture to match the fabric since its pattern is delicate and will not overpower the overall theme of the room. You can also play with complementary colors by matching some colors of the furniture with that of your curtains. It's much better this way to express yourself.

Tip 2. Your curtain must display predominant color characteristics to match the accents of your living room. The colors of your living room rugs, the chairs and even the couch's pillows must be more lighter compared to your curtain fabric.

Tip 3. Extend the color coordination between your furniture and curtains throughout the entire living room. Be careful not to leave any irregularity behind.

Tip 4. Lastly, let your curtains exploit the style and theme of your living room, even if you intend to place the curtains for its scenic countryside influence. When having Asian-inspired furniture and rugs, for example, it would be illogical to match it with western style toile fabric motif.

Adding a lining at the back of the curtains is an ingenious way to help block sunlight that makes the pattern easier to see. Now that the crash course has ended, go now and express that style you've always wanted for your living room.

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