GVO Hosting vs. Hostgator: Which Works Better?

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Published: 25th July 2012
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Those who are searching for the best web hosting provider will probably come across both GVO Hosting and Hostgator. The two are among the most reliable web hosting providers at present so it is no longer surprising why both continue to receive extreme popularity. If you are among those who are still deciding whether to use GVO or Hostgator, then read the rest of this article as their individual features and benefits are emphasized.

GVO which stands for Global Virtual Opportunities is a web hosting company which is primarily designed for online marketers. It also allows its members to earn money by becoming one of their affiliates. All that the affiliates need to do is to expose the existence of GVO to the public by sharing all their positive experiences with this web hosting provider.

One of the many things that you will enjoy about the GVO website hosting package is its unlimited domains. The company offers unlimited domain reseller hosting which lets its members host unlimited domains with just a single account while also allowing them to sell their hosting spaces and receive up to fifty percent commission for each person that they directly sponsor. If you take advantage of the package, then expect to enjoy numerous advantages from the unlimited domain feature. As long as your account and the people you sponsor directly are still active, you can expect to earn a continuous flow of residual income for all their monthly payments.

GVO also offers over sixty hours of live training monthly and this will allow you to gather all the information that you need to effectively sell all the services that the company offers while also earning along the process. Other features that you will surely enjoy from the GVO hosting package are the complete video marketing system, conferencing system, limitless auto-responder system, downtime witness and lead capture and prospecting feature.

Another advantage of getting the services of GVO is that you can expect this web hosting provider to offer you all the tools that you need to become a successful internet marketer while also receiving videos and tutorials that talk about how you can take advantage of the tools offered. All that you have to do to start enjoying the services of GVO is to sign up for an account with them, pick a package which perfectly suits your online business and your online marketing campaigns and pay them on a monthly basis.

Just like GVO, you can also expect Hostgator to offer web hosting packages filled with a lot of great features. Among the many features and benefits that you will definitely enjoy from Hostgator are its affordable and easy to use packages that usually consist of unlimited bandwidth and disk space, SiteBuilder offered for free, easy to navigate control panel, script installs that you can operate with just a single click, 4,500 website templates offered for free, money back guarantee, 99.9% uptime guarantee and strong and reliable technical support. All these features can really make you enjoy your experiences with Hostgator.

If you want to get the services of a reliable web hosting provider while also earning money at the same time, then your best choice would be GVO Hosting. You can sign up with its affiliate program as a Titanium member and enjoy all the services of the company while also earning a more stable flow of residual income. Note that Hostgator's affiliate program is also one of your most reliable choices next to GVO.

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