Gaggia titanium espresso coffee machine a bold new take on coffee making

Published: 08th April 2011
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Tired of those big old coffee machines on the market that never seem to do the job for you? Wish that there could be coffee making equipment that can give you value for your money? Look no further! Introducing the gaggia titanium espresso coffee machine. The cure for that caffeine fix!

This machine offers you premium quality coffee at the comfort of your own home. Pull espresso shots and brew coffee like a barista and do so by just the touch of a button. This revolutionary product offers you coffee shop quality drinks at the comfort of your own home. Never wait in line for your beverage ever again!

Encased in a titanium chassis, the gaggia titanium espresso coffee machine is truly made to last. Not only is it durable but its casing gives it an attractive appearance that can immediately grab the attention of any person that will go in to your kitchen. Brew coffee in a stylish fashion with this equipment.

Simple instructions make the gaggia titanium espresso coffee machine your best friend. You donít have to be a rocket scientist in order to set this machine up. Start drinking your coffee just within 15 minutes of acquiring the machine! Effectively concoct the beverage of your choice by just selecting the appropriate settings from the user friendly LCD panel.

The gaggia titanium espresso coffee machine offers a plethora of features that can surely make you feel that it was a worthy investment. These features include: a large bean hopper for mass storage of coffee beans. Keep your beans fresh and sealed inside these plastic casings. These bean hoppers feed your beans towards the built in grinder so no need to manually grind your beans. With its burr grinder attachment, you can avoid burning beans during the grinding process. Within the bean hopper is a by-pass dozer. This allows you to switch between coffee types. Switch from a bold and full bodied espresso roast to a lighter decaffeinated brew in just seconds.

For those of you who prefer lattes and cappuccinos, you are in luck because this machine offers a manual frothing wand and an automatic frothing machine. You can choose to immediately create creamy velvety foam or if youíre feeling a little adventurous, you can do it yourself. Concurrent to this, the machine is equipped with two boilers so you wonít need to wait tirelessly for boiling water and steam. Be able to multi task by pulling a shot and frothing milk at the same time. You can also adjust the temperature of the water for warm drinks and adjust coffee strength to suit your taste.

The gaggia titanium espresso coffee machine is definitely a must have for coffee lovers alike. The price may seem to be a shock at first, but compared to purchasing espresso beverages everyday this product is the best choice. Eventually break even and save money in hot beverage purchase in one year! So what are you waiting for? Buy now and taste the difference. Experience all these conveniences and never spend another day without freshly brewed and pulled espresso beverages ever again!

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