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Published: 12th March 2012
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The best man is usually given the opportunity to speak during a wedding reception to give the audience a glimpse of who the groom is. Thus, the speech should be memorable and interesting enough to catch the attention of the audience.

Some have difficulty preparing a speech. Admittedly, not all persons are blessed with the gift of gab. However, with patience, this can be learned.

However, with the limited time that one has to accomplish his daily activities, it is sometimes difficult to squeeze in the time to learn a new skill.

With, there won't any problem anymore in making a speech. The is filled with free best man speeches and will teach you the step-by-step process of making a speech as well as the different methods to deliver the speech you made.

For only $19.95, you will be able to download, which is filled with free best man speeches. There are also many samples of Toasts that you can use and adapt for the special occasions in which you will be requested to speak.

When you purchase, you will also be able to access the free best man speeches that will be published in the website from time to time. Now you will have the chance to make an impact when you deliver a professionally written speech such as this:

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Michael, the best man. I am standing in front of all you today because I am given this privilege to make a toast to the bride and groom. I believe everybody will agree with me when I say that the bride looks stunning in her gown...and the groom, well he is just stunned (chuckles).

Much as I want to lengthen my speech, I worry about my throat. Gregory will cut it if I make it longer.

This is an emotional day, at least for me. As the brother of Gregory, I think it is safe for me to assume that I am his best friend. Well, when I declared that I am his best friend he had no choice. A one year old kid cannot oppose his seven year old brother.

Like what an older brother typically does for his younger brother, I was the one who punched his classmates whenever they would hide him in the lockers or throw him in the garbage bin. Gregory was such a gentle kid, he wouldn't hurt a fly, and his classmates took advantage of this. Well, in time, these classmates of Gregory also became his friends, thanks mostly because they discovered Gregory has the knack for homeruns in baseball. Also, because as time passed, he became a big kid.

I think my brother always saw me as dad's substitute. When our father died, Gregory was just ten years old. I knew, at such a young age he needed a father figure. I knew I had to be that father figure.

When Gregory fell in love, I worried a bit. I worry that he will get his heart broken, like many of the men I know who joined in the battle for love. Well, maybe kindness really begets good karma. On the first instance he fell in love, he was able to hit the jackpot.

I want to give this toast to Gregory and his lovely wife, Rebecca. The five years of waiting to tie the knot was not wasted. You two are beautiful.

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