Easy Exercises To Lose Weight

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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Losing weight does not have to be hard because there are many easy exercises that will help you lose weight. When most people think about losing weight, they think about going on a diet. While changing how much or what you eat for healthier options is good, you will not lose much weight unless you get up and get moving.

Most people overlook the benefit of walking. If you are walking, you are burning calories. You don't need any extra equipment or expensive memberships. Walking can be done anywhere. You can walk around your house, your neighborhood, or your office on your coffee break. You can walk through a mall and look at all the new things for sell while you get healthier. You can walk around a park and enjoy nature. You don't even have to set aside 30 minutes to do it. Just park in the parking spot farthest from your job, or school, or doctor's office. Every extra step you can take today adds to how many calories your body will burn. So add 5 minutes walking time to every errand you run and you will see a difference soon.

You have your radio on to your favorite station and you notice your foot is tapping to the beat. So why not put that energy and beat to use. Get out of your chair and dance to the beat. You don't have to know how to dance. Just move your body in any way that feels good to you. As long as you are moving, you are burning calories. Dancing using all of the muscles in your body, not just a few. Before you know it an hour has passed. But you never noticed as you were having too much fun dancing around to Lady Gaga and Beyonce.

Housework and the tasks of daily living can be as good as exercise if you do it right. Instead of using the electric mixer to mix batter for those pancakes, get out the whisk and use some arm muscles. Instead of using that leaf blower to clean up those leaves, grab the rake and a wheel barrow, and get to enjoying the sun while you make leaf piles. Instead of hiring a lawn service to cut your grass, or using the riding lawn mower, get out your push mower and get to pushing. Choose to use a real paint brush to repaint the fence and put the paint sprayer back in the garage. When you vacuum, move the sofa out of the way and then move it back when you are done. Leave the laundry basket in the laundry room, and go up and down the stairs with each persons' dirty clothes. The more you go up and down, the more calories you burn. Take the batteries out of the remote controls so that you have to get up to turn the channel. Leave the phone on the charger so that you have to walk to the phone whenever it rings. Park closest to the street whenever you go somewhere. Walk up the stairs or escalator instead of riding the elevator. Play with your kids instead of watch.

Walking is something everyone can do. Dancing is very fun. Housework is something you do every day. But, if you choose so, these activities can be wonderful and easy ways to lose weight.

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