Best Nature Photography Camera: Canon 5D Mark II Camera Reviews

Published: 27th September 2011
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The Canon 5D Mark II got high digital camera ratings because it is a great professional camera for nature photographers. It may be the predecessor of the Canon 5D but according to many digital camera reviews on the web; it has more excellent features to offer.

Most camera reviews notice the high capture resolution of the camera. It has 21-mega pixel CMOS sensor, which is perfect for capturing wide and breathtaking sceneries. Other digital camera reviews add that it can shoot photos at 3.9 frames per second that makes this camera ideal for sequential photo captures especially of animals in the wild.

Another reason why this camera has high digital camera ratings is its high ISO range. According to many camera reviews, ISO is the main factor why you can take a high definition photo from a dim place, and this camera has a maximum setting of 25,600. This feature adds more digital camera ratings and is perfect for professional nature photographers who want to take photos with no artificial lighting.

In addition, many digital camera reviews liked the noise reduction function wherein you can reduce the loud noise from the shutter release into 4 level settings. This great feature increases the digital camera ratings and eliminates loud noises that can scare away wild animals which is why it is great for nature photographers.

Digital camera reviews also show that the customers love its intelligent battery pack. It is a bad moment when you realize that your camera died at the moment you have a good view to capture which is why many nature photographers want to know how many pictures or battery does the camera has. Many digital camera reviews say that the battery pack has a battery info menu wherein you can view the remaining snap shops, charge and recharge performance of the battery. If you have two or more batteries, donít worry because the battery log displays the recorded remaining charge of these batteries based on its unique serial numbers so you can pick the best battery for your next photo shoot; a perfect factor for great camera reviews.

Customers who gave high digital camera ratings on this camera also liked its Live Mode and Live Face Mode. According to camera reviews, this camera has a face detection system that can easily detect faces to focus and a Live Mode that can zoom in on an area that the user wants to focus on without losing the quality of the picture; two great factors for its high digital camera ratings. It is a great feature especially if you are focusing on a model or object in a natural landscape setting.

According to other camera reviews, this camera also offers video recording for beginning filmmakers. Unlike others with high digital camera ratings in the market, it can record videos in a maximum of 1920 x 1080 pixel size in 30 frames per second complete with audio recording using the cameraís built-in microphone. According to digital camera reviews, this simply means that you can record clear and rich videos as if you are making your own HD movies.

The Canon 5D Mark II got many camera reviews simply because it makes it mark on the digital camera market. If you are still in doubt, then why not look for other digital camera reviews to prove it.

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