Antique or Modern? Library Ladders for the Current Times

Published: 06th October 2010
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With all the rage over the internet and the undeniable resource of information the Worldwide Web proves to be, it’s likely that it’s been a while since you’ve been to a library—but if you frequent one, then you should know all about the side-rolling library ladders you can see in libraries. They come in varied forms, but they perform a single purpose. And while their main purpose is obvious, they can become a sort of an aesthetic factor for a library—especially a personal one. A stylish and well-made library ladder can add flair and personality to a room.

The thing is, finding a library ladder that matches your bookshelves perfectly can be a challenge. Height is one thing, but the hardest part may very well be the wood. It never matches the wood of your shelves. You might even think about purchasing bookshelves and ladders together. That way you know everything fits and works well together.

After deciding on the style of your ladder (or bookshelf with ladder), the next thing to consider is the ladder system you’d like to use. For instance, an antique library ladder can give that excellent classy touch to your library, but will be hefty on the budget. If that suits you fine, you should consult with antique dealers to find out what types of ladders are available, as using an antique one is all about creating a focal point for your library. Of course, you can check online for some antique ladders on eBay or somewhere else, but for purposes of visual matching (material, color, texture, and other elements), you may want to stick to ones you can actually see and feel.

Modern-style library ladders won’t have as much of that classy feel, of course, but they may very well be more durable and they’d probably last longer. A newer design or style of ladder will also be more cheaper than an antique—though it would be difficult to find a cheap one that can impress as much as an antique. Most new designs of library ladders can also be tucked tightly against the bookshelf when unused and pulled out when needed—you can even find collapsible ones that can literally disappear from sight when not in use.

All in all it boils down to preference and what sort of feel or vibe you want for your library. All the other factors and features come in after that.

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