8 Things You Can Do to Get Smoother Skin

Published: 21st May 2012
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A smooth, glowing skin is a sign of good health. A lot of women spend a huge some of money for beauty products such as moisturizers, anti-aging creams and exfoliating soaps to get smoother skin. These cosmetics can be expensive at times depending on active chemicals used.

However, there are certain home remedies that you can follow to get smoother skin without shelling a lot of money. These remedies often used common household fruits and vegetables that you can buy at the market.

Here are eight simple home remedies you can do to get smooth skin:

1. Use honey as a natural anti-aging product.

It helps remove wrinkles and fine lines while leaving your skin soft and supple. It is considered as one of the natural skin care products. You can apply it directly to your skin and leave it on for at least ten minutes. Then, you can rinse it off with cold water.

2. Lemon juice is a perfect natural astringent.

Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with two tablespoons of cucumber juice. You can apply the solution into your face using a cotton ball. Leave it on until the solution gets dry. Rinse it off with cold water and pat your face dry with a soft towel.

3. If you have darkened skin due to sunburns or due to prolong sun exposure, make a lather using honey with lemon juice.

Mix them together to form a fine paste. Apply evenly to the affected area and leave it on for five to ten minutes. Rinse it well with water and you will get smoother skin in minutes. This remedy can be applied to your face, neck, hands, back and legs.

4. Wash dead skin cells with walnut powder.

Combine walnut powder with honey and lemon juice and serve as a natural body wash. Apply it evenly throughout your body and leave it on for about fifteen minutes. You can then wash it off with cold water.
5. Eat oranges as they are rich in Vitamin-C.

Vitamin-C is good for your skin as it keeps your cells hydrated. Aside from drinking the juice from oranges, you can also mix orange juice with two tablespoons of turmeric powder to make a fine paste. You can rub the paste directly to your face. Leave it on your face for fifteen minutes and then wash it off using cold water.

6. Aside from the juice, you can use the orange peels to help remove scars and other skin blemishes.

Leave the orange peel to dry in the sun. After drying, mix it with curd. Apply the mixture to your face and leave it to dry for fifteen minutes. Wash it off using cold water and you’ll have a fine, glowing skin.

7. Papaya skin is good for your skin.

You can use the inner part of the skin of the papaya to your face and let it dry. Rinse it off with cold water. You can do this remedy at least once in every two weeks to get smooth and glowing skin.

8. Cucumbers are also natural skin whiteners and can be applied to any skin types.

Simply mix one tablespoon of cucumber juice with a few drops of lime juice and turmeric powder. Mix it well into a smooth lather and apply it to your face or hands. Leave it to dry for about half an hour and then wash it off with cold water.

These home remedies are simple to make and use natural but inexpensive ingredients to help you achieve soft and smooth skin.

Kenwood Porter writes about home beauty, health, and other topics. To learn how you can look younger, be sure and check out his favorite Botox clinic in Los Angeles.

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